Office life rarely comes with any included amenities, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with a drab and depressing work space. Our computers can also be used as a source of power for some very handy and fun USB accessories. Majority of these devices are readily available online over Amazon or Rediff for Indian readers.

#1. Drink Cooler – When You Need to Chill

Drink Cooler USBDrink Cooler USB

If your desk has a lot of tech equipment on it, you’ve probably noticed the unfortunate effect that your hot computer has on your ice-cold beverage. Never let the line between iced tea and hot tea get blurred again. Keep your drinks cold all day long with a handy USB drink cooler.

#2. Tengu – For Lonely Solo Projects

Tengu USBTengu USB

If talking to yourself is starting to feel a bit sad, enlist Tengu to keep your company. This little legendary Japanese creature plugs into your USB drive and mouths along with whatever he hears, whether it’s your voice or the sound of music. When it’s quiet, he’ll simply drift off to sleep.

#3. Mini-Fridge

Mini Fridge USBMini Fridge USB

Everyone likes to have a refrigerator close by but that is always not possibly in a big office. This mini-fridge plugs into your USB drive and keep your drinks safe at your desk. The tiny cooler is just the right size for a single can.

#4. Cup Warmer – Because Cold Coffee is Gross

Cup Warmer USBCup Warmer USB

Accidentally taking a swig of stone cold coffee can instantly ruin any day. Make sure this never happens to you again by keeping your warm drinks snug and cozy on a heated pad that plugs right in to your USB drive.

#5. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp USBDesk Lamp USB

If your desk is in the annex, you may find that you mysteriously fall to the bottom of the maintenance team’s list when those buzzing lights dim and go out one by one. This USB desk lamp offers just enough light to keep you going.

With the right toys and gadgets, you can remedy the worst cubicle crises and keep your little corner of the office bright.

These USB gadgets are basically for fun and some are entertaining while others just fun. Ideally they are not the most efficient if used on a laptop. These sort of USB gadgets work best on desktop PCs which do not rely on a battery like a laptop or notebook.

Do you also have similar USB devices which are unique? Do share them with me in your comments