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What Happend in an Internet Minute?

Resource throttles and limits

The following table summarizes information about resource throttles and limits that you need to be aware of. These throttles and limits are set on the Resource Throttling page in Central Administration. Contact your administrator for specific limits and requests for… Continue Reading →

Enabling ScriptManager PageMethods doesn’t work in some scenarios in SharePoint 2013

I worked on a case where the problem was that PageMethods won’t execute from within a SharePoint 2013 application page (page deployed to the _layouts folder).  To replicate the problem, I had a custom master page deployed through a VS… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Feature Deactivation – Removing Module Assets

If your feature is going to install assets to your site, i.e. web parts (.webpart or .dwp files), master pages, page layouts, images, javascript files, custom stylesheet, even possibly custom content type, list definitions and list instances, it is normally… Continue Reading →

Infographic: Who is Winning the Games Market between iOS and Android?

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 07:51 PM PDT In recent past, there have been many discussions on various blogs about which platform is better; Android or iOS. In my opinion it does not matter which platform is better as both seem… Continue Reading →

[Infographic] WordPress in Numbers!

Posted: 21 Apr 2012 06:30 PM PDT WordPress it seems is growing at a faster rather than ever before. But it is not just growth that is interesting but also its how it is being adopted by popular websites. For… Continue Reading →

“Find Similar, Alternative or Related Websites with Online Tool”

Find Similar, Alternative or Related Websites with Online Tool Posted: 17 Apr 2012 08:10 AM PDT Lately, I have started spending a lot of time on Flipkart to keep track of a certain books I am interested in buying. Usually… Continue Reading →

[Infographic] How Wikipedia Eliminated Britannica Encylopedia?

A few days ago Encyclopedia Britannica declared that they were going to stop their printed book sets. Some like me might have felt a tinge of sadness, that such popular reference books were going out of fashion. But this was… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Ways People Are Scammed! [Infographic]

Posted: 11 Mar 2012 12:16 PM PDT The internet is full of the websites that cheat users by getting the user’s valuable information and selling them to third parties. It is not easy to predict which site might be scamming… Continue Reading →

[Infographic] Who will buy iPad 3 in the US?

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 07:22 AM PST In a couple of days, Apple will unviel the 3rd installment in their tablet series. There are many rumours about iPad 3 having no buttons and a increased size. All these rumours are… Continue Reading →

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