How do I fire an event when a iframe has finished loading in jQuery?

I have a strang requirement when I am working for the Sharepoint OOTB model Popup .
My Client wants to Hide default ribbons for the list.
So I thought about directly applying the css or jquery to hide that ribbon on the model dialog
but I found strange behaviour  from sharepoint , the ribbon is not hiding sometimes and due to that i got in some worse situation.
After some research about the jquery to use for hiding that ribbon using jquery I came across this useful link from stack overflow.
This is the function I have used to hide the Ribbon from the Iframe itself.

$(‘iframe’).load(function () {
// do something once the iframe is loaded
hideContactRibbon();  // My Custom function to hide ribbon

Basic Sitemap – Generate sitemap of WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr Blogs

Sitemaps are considered as the simplest and easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages or content on their sites. Making sitemaps can be complex but most times bloggers usually need only a basic sitemap generator. Basic Sitemap web app can be used to generate sitemap of blogs that are created on WordPress, Tumblr and Blogspot.

These sitemaps can then be submitted to Google and Bing webmaster tools for indexing.

Basic Sitemap Features

  • First of all go to Basic Sitemap. Then you can see page as shown in the figure.
  • In the left site you can see a text box. Enter the complete URL of your blog. For example Avoid using country domains such as “” or ““.

text box to enter blog address

  • Once the user entered the address of blog and press ‘generate sitemap’ button. Then it will automatically generate the link to sitemap.

automatically generate sitemap

  • Now copy the address generated by basic sitemap.
  • Open Google or Bing webmaster tools. For demonstration purpose I am using Google webmaster. You need to enter username and password of your Google or Bing account for opening webmaster tool.
  • Once the Webmaster site opens you can see your blog address as in the figure below. If it is not there press ‘Add URL’ or ‘Add Site’ button and add address of your blog. Now click on your blog address.

webmaster tool window

  • Now you are directed to new page. To the right hand side of the page you can see a Sitemap bar. Click on it.

Sitemap option

  • Then you are directed to new page. In this page you can see ‘Add/Test Sitemap’. Press it. In the popup window paste the URL that you copied. Then press ‘Submit sitemap’.

Submitting sitemap

That’s it, your blog’s sitemap is now submitted on Google. For more advanced web tools you can look up the official Google’s recommended list of 3rd party tools for creating sitemaps here.

Auto Refresh Chrome Webpages with Auto Refresh Plus

Posted: 12 Jun 2013 09:26 AM PDT

There are times when we need to constantly refresh a particular webpage just because that webpage is not loading or we want to see new content in that page. Hitting the Refresh button or the F5 button on the keyboard is the probably tiresome. In such cases, extensions like Auto Refresh Plus can be of some help to us.

Auto Refresh Plus is a nifty Google Chrome extension that can refresh a particular webpage for a pre-defined time interval. Auto Refresh Plus is also useful when you want to keep refreshing the page till that page shows some new content or lose some content. This feature is called Page Monitor.

Auto Refresh Plus is available for download on the Chrome Web Store. The extension is really simple to use. On installing, a small icon gets added to the top right of your Google Chrome browser. You can then set instructions with ease like so :

  1. Open the webpage that needs to be refreshed periodically.
  2. Then click on that icon and select the time interval. You can also set a time interval of your own.


That’s it. It was really simple to configure, right? Once done, that particular web page will continue refreshing automatically. You can now proceed your work with the other tabs. That tab will continue refreshing on it’s own.

Auto Refresh Plus comes with various options. You can enables sounds to notify you when Page Monitor triggers. You can also choose what sound is to be played by inserting the sound URL in the settings section. The settings section also shows options to auto start refreshing and also set a predefined URL to be refreshed.

You might also want to check out Notifycon, an extension that shows notification counts on pinned tabs.

If you are using Firefox, there is an addon that does a similar job.

Link: Auto Refresh Plus on Chrome Web Store

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Enable Two- Step Authentication for Twitter

Posted: 23 May 2013 08:45 AM PDT

Twitter_new_logo.pngToday, Twitter has rolled out an update that allows users to add a phone number to the account. The idea is simple. Every time a users signs-in there is added code that is asked. That code is sent to users via a text message.

So even if someone manages to guess a password, they would not be able to get the verification code from the users phone.

How to activate Twitter’s two-step authentication feature

  • Visit your Twitter profile on the browser and sign-in. Now on the right-hand corner you will see a gear shaped symbol.
  • Hover over it and it shows you the options to look up settings. Under Settings >> Account users can see a new option to titled Account Security.


  • We can add a phone number and also select the option to turn-on two step verification.

Here is a nice video demo by Twitter to help their users out

With this step Twitter joins Google and Dropbox in offering two-step verification for better security.

Do drop in your comments.

82 Useful keyboard shortcuts for Firefox

Table of Contents:

  1. Address Bar
  2. Search Bar
  3. Navigation
  4. Inside Webpages
  5. Search
  7. Firefox Features
  8. Firefox Windows
  9. Forms
  10. The Rest

minus1. Address Bar
alt+d or ctrl+l Jump to address bar
ctrl+enter Complete a .com address in address bar: adds "http" prefix and ".com" suffix to entry, then loads the page. Add alt to combination to load page in background tab.
shift+enter Complete a .net address in address bar: adds "http" prefix and ".net" suffix to entry, then loads the page. Add alt to combination to load page in background tab.
ctrl+shift+enter Complete a .org address in address bar: adds "http" prefix and ".org" suffix to entry, then loads the page. Add alt to combination to load page in background tab.
arrow up/arrow down in address bar Open URL history in address bar and navigate. Press enter to launch selected webpage
delete in address bar history Delete current entry from address bar history

▲ up

minus2. Search Bar
ctrl+k Jumps to search bar if installed (ctrl+e used to do so as well, but seems to be discontinued)
alt+arrow up/arrow down 
in search bar
Toggle search engines
arrow down/arrow up 
in search bar
Choose from previous searches. Press enter to choose selected search term
delete in previous searches Delete previous search entry

▲ up

minus3. Navigation
alt+home Jump to homepage
alt+arrow left/arrow right One page backward / one page forward
ctrl+t Open new tab in same window
ctrl+tab or ctrl+page down Jump to next browser tab
ctrl+shift+tab or ctrl+page up Jump to previous browser tab
ctrl+18 Jump to browser tab 1 – 8
ctrl+9 Jump to the rightmost tab regardless on how many tabs are open
ctrl+w or ctrl+q Close current browser tab
ctrl+shift+t Undo close browser tab

▲ up

minus4. Inside Webpages
alt+d, then press tab twice (or three times) Get "focus" on webpage for in-page keyboard navigation. Note the dotted frame around the page
arrow down/arrow up Scroll webpages up or down one line
page down/page up Scroll webpages up or down one page. space/shift+space does the same.
home/end Jump to beginning / end of webpage
tab/shift+tab Jump to next / jump to previous link
enter Open selected link in current tab
shift+ctrl+enter Open selected link in new foreground tab
ctrl+enter Open selected link in new background tab
shift+enter Open selected link in new window
alt+enter Download selected link
ctrl++/ctrl+ Increase or decrease text size
ctrl+0 Default text size
f5 or ctrl+r Reload page
ctrl+f5 or ctrl+r Reload page with cache override
escape Stop loading page
f6/shift+f6 Jump forwards / jump backwards between tab bar and page. To reach addressbar, press f6until reaching the tab (see dotted line around tab) and press tab
shift+f10 Open context menu of a hyperlink. Press arrow up or down or initial letter to select command
f7 Turn caret mode on or off (navigation with keyboard)
ctrl+a Select all, useful to copy and paste text out of webpages
ctrl+c Copy selected text
ctrl+p Print
alt+f, then v Print preview
ctrl+u Show page source
ctrl+s Save page as

▲ up

minus5. Search
ctrl+f or / Open "quick find" window and searches phrase as you type
' (apostrophe) Open "quick find" (links only) window
ctrl+g or enter or f3 Find next occurrence of search term.
ctrl+shift+g or shift+f3 Find previous occurrence of search term.
escape Close search window

▲ up

minus6. Bookmarks
ctrl+b or ctrl+i Show or hide bookmark sidebar
ctrl+shift+b Organize bookmarks
ctrl+d Add bookmark
ctrl+shift+d Bookmark all tabs. In the "create in" menu, use alt+down to choose bookmark destination
alt+b, then press az or number Open bookmark menu and press first letter of a bookmark name to load them. More than one entry with the same letter, requires to repeatedly pressing the letter and hit enter

▲ up

minus7. Firefox Features
ctrl+j Open or close download window
ctrl+h Show or hide browsing history
ctrl+shift+del Clear private data (menu)
ctrl+o Open file
ctrl+l Open Location
alt+f Open file menu
alt+e Open edit menu
alt+v Open view menu
alt+s Open history menu
alt+b Open bookmark menu
alt+t Open tools menu
alt+h Open help menu
ctrl+/ Show / hide Add-On Bar (holding add-ons)

▲ up

minus8. Firefox Windows
ctrl+n or alt+f+n Opens new browser window
ctrl+shift+w or alt+f4 Close browser window
alt+space Opens the title bar menu (default Windows feature)
alt+space+enter Restore Window (default Windows feature)
alt+space+x Maximize Window (default Windows feature)
alt+space+n Minimize Window (default Windows feature)
f11 Turn full page view on or off (default Windows feature)

▲ up

minus9. Forms
tab/shift+tab Jump to next or previous form element
space Activate or deactivate radio buttons and check boxes
alt+arrow down Select from a drop-down menu
ctrl+cctrl+x and ctrl+v Copy, cut or paste selected text (when working in forms)
arrow up/arrow down Select previously used form entries
shift+delete Delete previously used form entries

▲ up

minus10. The Rest
ctrl+shift+i Open or close webpage Inspector
ctrl+shift+j Open Java Error Console. Press escape to close
f1 Firefox (online) help

Yahoo’s Big Day: Buys Tumblr and offers 1 TB space with Flickr

Yahoo has just capped off a very significant day for themselves. Firstly they have announced the acquisition of the blogging platform Tumblr. In the second announcement, Flickr has now rolled out 1 Terabyte free storage for all users. This is a big deal for Yahoo which has recently struggled to keep its users and more importantly find new users.

The Tumblr Acquisition

Yahoo has bought Tumblr for a estimated $1.1 Billion. That is a lot more money than say Facebook shelled out for Instagram. So what does Yahoo gain from Tumblr?

Tumblr - Yahoo

Image Credit

  • Flickr has 300 million unique visitors on it and has over 900 posts published every second.
  • The Yahoo+ Flickr deal will grow traffic by 20% and its audience will go up by 50%. This increases the advertising opportunities.
  • Mobile seems to be a focus for Yahoo with Tumblr’s acquisition.
  • Yahoo’s CEO in her own Tumblr blog announced that Tumblr will be treated as an independent entity and their CEO David Karp will remain. More importantly in her own words she assuaged the feelings of Tumblr’s community with the quote “We promise not to screw it up”.

Flickr gets 1 TB free space

Flickr is still very popular and its not surprising Yahoo chose to make big announcements with it.

Flickr - 1 TB Space

  • Flickr users get 1 TB storage space free. That means if you upload 6.5 Megapixel photo on Flickr, you can upload half a million of them and for free.
  • The big storage size means Flickr now remain relevant as a storage option especially with the rise of backup options from Google and Apple.
  • Pro Flickr account users will continue to get unlimited storage space and have stats show up for visits on their photos. But new users cannot signup for Pro accounts. That basically means Flickr Pro is more or less going away in time.

Flickr might have rebooted with huge storage space but it will be interesting to see how it manages to complete with the likes of say Google+ which offers to store photos from a phone directly to the cloud. This helps freeing up space on the phone without worrying about losing any photos.

What are your views on Yahoo’s big announcements today? Do drop in your comments.

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Fwd: [Devils Workshop] “5 Fun USB accessories that will transform your workspace”

Office life rarely comes with any included amenities, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with a drab and depressing work space. Our computers can also be used as a source of power for some very handy and fun USB accessories. Majority of these devices are readily available online over Amazon or Rediff for Indian readers.

#1. Drink Cooler – When You Need to Chill

Drink Cooler USBDrink Cooler USB

If your desk has a lot of tech equipment on it, you’ve probably noticed the unfortunate effect that your hot computer has on your ice-cold beverage. Never let the line between iced tea and hot tea get blurred again. Keep your drinks cold all day long with a handy USB drink cooler.

#2. Tengu – For Lonely Solo Projects

Tengu USBTengu USB

If talking to yourself is starting to feel a bit sad, enlist Tengu to keep your company. This little legendary Japanese creature plugs into your USB drive and mouths along with whatever he hears, whether it’s your voice or the sound of music. When it’s quiet, he’ll simply drift off to sleep.

#3. Mini-Fridge

Mini Fridge USBMini Fridge USB

Everyone likes to have a refrigerator close by but that is always not possibly in a big office. This mini-fridge plugs into your USB drive and keep your drinks safe at your desk. The tiny cooler is just the right size for a single can.

#4. Cup Warmer – Because Cold Coffee is Gross

Cup Warmer USBCup Warmer USB

Accidentally taking a swig of stone cold coffee can instantly ruin any day. Make sure this never happens to you again by keeping your warm drinks snug and cozy on a heated pad that plugs right in to your USB drive.

#5. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp USBDesk Lamp USB

If your desk is in the annex, you may find that you mysteriously fall to the bottom of the maintenance team’s list when those buzzing lights dim and go out one by one. This USB desk lamp offers just enough light to keep you going.

With the right toys and gadgets, you can remedy the worst cubicle crises and keep your little corner of the office bright.

These USB gadgets are basically for fun and some are entertaining while others just fun. Ideally they are not the most efficient if used on a laptop. These sort of USB gadgets work best on desktop PCs which do not rely on a battery like a laptop or notebook.

Do you also have similar USB devices which are unique? Do share them with me in your comments

Add the icon (DocIcon) of the file-type to a custom xsl-template when using the ContentByQueryWebPart (CQWP)

by Eric Bartels

In one of my current projects it was required to show the recent documents inside the site collection along with its associated icon. Of course our friend theContentByQueryWebPart (CQWP) comes in.
But how do I get the icon of the document?

The result

CQWP with the associated document icon

Don’t do it again

One could start to use a long list inside an xsl:choose to fetch each extension… But why do a file-extension mapping again when this is already specified inDOCICON.XML?

Give me my icon

  1. Create your ContentByQueryWebPart (CQWP) and export it.
  2. Export the webpart
  3. Locate the CommonViewFields-property and change it from
    <property name="CommonViewFields" type="string" />


    <property name="CommonViewFields" type="string">HTML_x0020_File_x0020_Type,Text;File_x0020_Type,Text</property>

  4. Edit the ItemStyle.xsl or even better create your own My_ItemsStyle.xsl and create a custom template which uses these new ViewFields.
    <xsl:template name="TitleOnlyWithIcon" match="Row[@Style='TitleOnlyWithIcon']" mode="itemstyle">      <xsl:variable name="SafeLinkUrl">          <xsl:call-template name="OuterTemplate.GetSafeLink">              <xsl:with-param name="UrlColumnName" select="'LinkUrl'"/>          </xsl:call-template>      </xsl:variable>      <xsl:variable name="DisplayTitle">          <xsl:call-template name="OuterTemplate.GetTitle">              <xsl:with-param name="Title" select="@Title"/>              <xsl:with-param name="UrlColumnName" select="'LinkUrl'"/>          </xsl:call-template>      </xsl:variable>      <xsl:variable name="LinkTarget">          <xsl:if test="@OpenInNewWindow = 'True'" >_blank</xsl:if>      </xsl:variable>      <div class="item link-item">          <!-- Here comes the icon -->          <span class="icon">              <img src="/_layouts/images/{ddwrt:MapToIcon(string(@HTML_x005F_x0020_File_x005F_x0020_Type),string(@File_x005F_x0020_Type))}" alt="{@DocIcon}" style="vertical-align: middle;margin-right:4px" />          </span>          <a href="{$SafeLinkUrl}" target="{$LinkTarget}" title="{@LinkToolTip}">              <xsl:value-of select="$DisplayTitle"/>          </a>      </div>  </xsl:template>
  5. Change the ItemStyle-property inside the webpart-definition to match your custom template. (TitleOnlyWithIcon in this case).
  6. Import the webpart

Again there is some magic

If you refresh your page I’m sure you get an error. The magic here is to tell the xsl-stylesheet where to find the MapToIcon-function which resides inside the ddwrt-namespace.

The MapToIcon-function does the mapping of the icon by taking the mapping-information from the DOCICON.xml. So even if your icon is not named like the SharePoint ones the icon will be found. My icon here was named icon-pdf.gif for the pdf-file.


The use of the MapToIcon-function is the best method to get the icons. No need for custom “xsl:choose-statements” or “/_layouts/images/ic{@DocIcon}.gif-hacks”.

The Mac Freebie bundle lets you download 8 paid Mac apps for free

Mac software is generally pricey, especially for Windows converts like me. Thankfully, there are app bundles which let you buy software at bulk and get discount. Sometimes you can get lucky and could get an app bundle totally for free – which is exactly what StackSocial is offering.


StackSocial is popular for giving discounts on software and they have just released ‘The Mac Freebie Bundle’ which essentially gives you 8 paid Mac apps for free.

The apps list include IconBox, Ondesoft Screen Capture, VidConvert, Image Smith, Wallpaper Wizard, ClipBuddy, TypeFu and Sweetie. As you may have guessed, it’s mostly productivity software and can be really useful.

Of all the apps listed, I already use Wallpaper Wizard (got it from another Mac bundle) and really love it. It lets you change your desktop’s wallpaper automatically from a curated list of wallpapers.

Even if you aren’t much of a productivity guy, nothing hurts from grabbing a bunch of paid apps for free. The offer will last for 15 days, the site looks slow from here, probably because of heavy traffic. You just have to register for the site, share on your social network and you’ll gain access to the apps.

Link: The Mac Freebie Bundle

R.I.P Aaron Swartz (Co-Author of RSS 1.0)

The world of tech has lost a great mind today. Aaron Swartz was a coder, geek and an internet activist. At the age of 14 he helped co-authored RSS 1.0 specification. He also founded a company which was later acquired by Reddit.

Aaron Swartz committed suicide today. He was only 26 years old.

Aaron Swartz was recently more in the news for his internet activism. He was a indicted in the US for allegedly downloading millions of files by breaking into JSTOR which was a subscription based service.

I spend hours online and a lot of it is dedicated to reading my feeds on Google Reader. I am sure a lot of you reading this post are doing so because you subscribed to our RSS feed. To think that a 14 year old was a major contributor to this technology, which is literally the backbone of online publishing is mind boggling.

To think that the the same person felt his life was not worth living anymore is very tragic.

(via Tech.MIT)

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