Do you know about VSCode Focused View?

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Visual Studio Code offers a completely focused and distraction free view using Zen Mode. This mode eliminates all the UI abstraction from the code editor, and you can only have the current working file as focused. As a developer this is extremely helpful when working on a single code file. You can turn On/Off the […]

Way to get Free and Easy email reminders

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Here, I am sharing with you the simplest way to schedule a reminder to any email you are sending. Link: Simple steps to send a followup reminder To send a reminder to yourself you only have to inlcude an another email in the CC or BCC of the actual email. For example, If a […]

How to Install/Update/UnInstall SharePoint Online Management Shell

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To start, I will always recommend to install cmdlets by using PowerShell since it will easier when there is an update because you don’t need to download the .msi. Execution Policy SharePoint Online Management Shell Install: Check the current version: Update: Uninstall: PnP PowerShell Install: Check the version: Update: Uninstall References Sigar DaveSharePoint Team Lead […]

“One Outlook” – New Version

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Microsoft is working on the new “One Outlook” which will offer functionality that is identical to the all supported platforms, like windows, mac and office 365 subscriptions based version. The application will be based on the Outlook web application that users may access in modern web browsers. Microsoft plans to replace all existing Outlook desktop […]

SharePoint Access Token using Postman

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There are lots of ways to fetch an update the SharePoint resources. Today, I am going to provide you a way to access the SharePoint resources using an access token using Postman. Postman This is a developer friendly tool for handling REST API from any platform. If you are new to the SharePoint REST APIs, […]