View in File Explorer now available in Microsoft Edge

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As of August 17, 2021 Microsoft has stopped support for the Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) for Microsoft 365 apps and services. As a result, Microsoft recommends using the OneDrive sync app to sync SharePoint files with your computer, rather than using View in File Explorer feature in IE11. But In some special cases, still some customers asks […]

Collapsible Section in Modern Page

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The wait is over. Finally Collapsible sections on modern pages are here! This much anticipated feature allows users to create rich, information-dense SharePoint pages with sections that can expand and collapse. Sigar DaveSharePoint Team Lead , Office 365 consultant

SharePoint Provider Hosted App throwing 401 Unauthorized on newly created Office 365 tenants

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Issue: I had a requirement to create a provider hosted app with App-Only Principals which needs to be hosted on the SharePoint Online tenant. It was created successfully & working fine in my older tenant.  After testing it, I deployed it on a newly created tenant where it has started showing issues : Resolution: We […]

SharePoint Spaces – as a default option under New Menu

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In my previous blog post, I have provided you an idea about the SharePoint space and How you can enable that in your SharePoint Online tenant. You can read my post to get knowledge about the capabilities of SharePoint Space here. Before, the SharePoint space is not enabled by default on the SharePoint Online site. […]

Enable/Disable Comments on SharePoint Lists

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In one of the recent updates of the SharePoint Lists/ Microsoft Lists online, they have added the new feature to add the comments in each of the list item. This will let the user interact with other users for that particular list item. This is a great feature which will be helpful to many organization […]

How to Install/Update/UnInstall SharePoint Online Management Shell

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To start, I will always recommend to install cmdlets by using PowerShell since it will easier when there is an update because you don’t need to download the .msi. Execution Policy SharePoint Online Management Shell Install: Check the current version: Update: Uninstall: PnP PowerShell Install: Check the version: Update: Uninstall References Sigar DaveSharePoint Team Lead […]

SharePoint Access Token using Postman

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There are lots of ways to fetch an update the SharePoint resources. Today, I am going to provide you a way to access the SharePoint resources using an access token using Postman. Postman This is a developer friendly tool for handling REST API from any platform. If you are new to the SharePoint REST APIs, […]

Power Platform – GitHub Connector

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The Power Platform is not having a connector for GitHub. Using this connector, user can create a GitHub repo, create a pull request, merge a pull request and , compare commits, trigger a GitHub actions workflow and much more from Power Apps and Power Automate. The GitHub connector works perfectly with the GitHub Actions for Power […]

49 New information types for Microsoft 365

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Microsoft is going to roll out new Sensitive information types for the @Microsoft365. The rollout will start in early Jan 2021. You can check sensitive information types here. Sigar DaveSharePoint Team Lead , Office 365 consultant

SharePoint Spaces

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SharePoint spaces is a web-based, immersive platform, which lets you create and share, secure and extensible mixed reality experiences.  Building a space is a lot like building a modern site — that is, you create the space and choose options such as structure, background, and theme. Add web parts for your 3D objects, 360° images and videos, 2D images […]